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USGS Toxics Geophysics Project

Project Objectives

The USGS Toxic Substances Hydrology Program characterizes the natural response of hydrologic systems to contamination. The Toxics Geophysics Project supports the Toxics program by providing geophysical investigations and expertise at selected field sites. Ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic, electrical, and seismic methods have provided information at many of the Toxics field sites concerning the hydrogeologic framework as well as direct detection of subsurface contaminants.

Project objectives are to demonstrate the applicability of geophysics to toxic waste site problems, primarily by characterizing shallow stratigraphy and vadose zone hydrology, and to interpret and model geophysical measurements to provide quantitative hydrogeologic information. This is accomplished by providing quantitative and statistical descriptions of heterogeneity in shallow stratigraphy to measure and predict contaminant transport, to determine structures and geometries, and to correlate geophysical measurements with hydrological and geochemical information.

Project Chief:

Jeffrey Lucius Box 25046 MS 964
Denver, CO 80225
(303) 236-1413

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