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Geophysics of the Rio Grande Basins

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Middle Rio Grande Basin Geophysics - Aeromagnetic Expression of Faults

Map of aeromagnetically mapped faults.Map of aeromagnetically inferred faults.

New aeromagnetic maps of the Albuquerque Basin show detailed fault patterns within the basin fill that revise the structural view. Concealed faults are more numerous and more closely spaced than expected. The overall pattern of faulting is shown in the figures. The aeromagnetic data south of Albuquerque shows good expression of the Hubbell Springs fault and its neighboring splays, all located within basin sediments. The Hubbell Springs fault can be traced for nearly 50 km from the aeromagnetic data. The splays converge on the north and may represent the southern extension of the Tijeras fault, contradicting the proposed southwest extension of the Tijeras fault across the basin. This is discussed in more detail in:

High-resolution aeromagnetic data, a new tool for mapping intrabasinal faults: Example from the Albuquerque basin, New Mexico PDF file, 360 kb

For more on the project's studies on the aeromagnetic expression of faults, and implications for basins in general, see the faults topic page.

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