Crustal Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Center

Geophysics of Rio Grande Basins

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Aeromagnetic and gravity methods

Name Phone Function E-mail Address (
Tien Grauch 303-236-1393 Task leader tien
Viki Bankey 303-236-1348 gravity and magnetic modeling viki
Ben Drenth 303-236-1827 gravity and magnetic modeling bdrenth
Jeff Phillips 303-236-1206 depth estimation jeff

Electrical geophysics

Name Phone Function E-mail Address (
Brian Rodriguez 303-236-1361 magnetotelluric methods brod
Maryla Deszcz-Pan 303-236-1317 airborne time-domain, electromagnetic methods maryla
David Fitterman 303-236-1382 airborne time-domain, electromagnetic methods fitter

Fault studies

Name Phone Function E-mail Address (
Jonathan Caine 303-236-1822 structure and hydrogeology jscaine
Mark Hudson 303-236-7446 structure and magnetic properties mhudson
Scott Minor 303-236-0303 structure and hydrogeology sminor
Tien Grauch 303-236-1393 aeromagnetic expression tien

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