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Outreach - Central Mineral and Environmental Resources and Crustal Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Centers


Project Objectives

The objectives of the Minerals Outreach projects are to increase awareness and support for USGS minerals-related work and to facilitate integration of the work into traditional and nontraditional venues. The project coordinates outreach activities with bureau, discipline, region, and program activities to increase and improve use of Mineral Resources Program-generated work.

Strategies include putting information on the world wide web, participation in meetings and conferences through exhibits, presentations, and distribution of materials, and sending out information and updates on topics of potential interest to customers. Materials and venues are selected or developed in order to be relevant and useful to the targeted audiences.

The tasks for the integrated efforts of the regional Outreach projects are:

  • Design and maintenance of parallel regional public internet sites that are compliant with USGS web, accessibility, and visual identity guidelines, and that accurately reflect USGS mineral-related work.
  • Contribute content for creation of Program-level Information Handout(s) that describe Mineral Resource Program-funded projects.
  • Distribute Minerals related Highlights via the internal USGS Office of Communications systems.
  • Create exhibit backdrops, coordinate, and staff exhibit booths at major mineral-related conferences and at other selected conferences.

Project Chief:

Maria Montour Box 25046 MS 964D
Denver, CO 80225
(303) 236-2787
Email Maria Montour

Other Mineral Resources Program Outreach Contacts

Name Phone E-mail Address ( Function
Dave Frank (509) 368-3107 dfrank Western Mineral and Environmental Resources Science Center Outreach Contact
Jane Jenness (703) 648-6341 jjenness Eastern Mineral Resources Science Center and National Minerals Information Science Center Outreach Contact
Jill Schneider (907) 786-7457 jschnidr Alaska Science Center Minerals Office Outreach Contact

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