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Modeling Near-Surface Processes in Mineral Systems


The Modeling Near-Surface Processes in Mineral Systems project was divided into five tasks and sub tasks, each of which uniquely contributed to the goals and the strategy.

Please choose a task from the list below.

Tasks Title
Task 1 Develop a modeling database
Task 2 Source characterization
Task 3 Source to secondary characterization
Task 4 Develop prototype quantitative models
Task 5 Predictive Experimental Studies of Sulfide Oxidation Processes
Subask 5.1 Experimental Laboratory Geochemical and Microbiological Oxidation of Sulfide Minerals
Subask 5.2 Using stable isotopes of S and transition metals as tracers of processes in mining impacted environments
Subask 5.3 Predictive Modeling and Field Applications using Trace Element Partitioning, Reaction Rate Data, and Microbial Studies

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