Crustal Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Center

Modeling Near-Surface Processes in Mineral Systems

Using stable isotopes of S and transition metals as tracers of processes in mining impacted environments

Subtask Objectives

The objectives of this task were to define the distribution of stable metal (e.g., Cu, Fe, Hg, Mo, and Zn) isotopes in mining impacted environments, understand how abiotic and biotic processes, including redox, adsorption, and precipitation, define the isotopic signatures of samples from the field and well-controlled laboratory experiments, and use that understanding to advance our knowledge and modeling of how elements cycle through the environment.

Highlights & Key Findings

Wanty, et al. (2005) have developed a novel new technique for separation and analysis of Cu, Fe, and Zn from water samples and these results were presented at the 2005 Annual GSA meeting.

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