Crustal Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Center

Modeling Near-Surface Processes in Mineral Systems

Task 1: Develop a Modeling Database

Task Summary

The main objectives of the task were the following:

  1. Maintain and continue to improve the database. This database includes all chemical and site characterization data, as well as data on deposit size, economic grade, surrounding host rock characteristics, and climate. The structure should provide easy integration with other similar databases, such as those from AML, Metallogeny of the Great Basin, or other previous or ongoing projects.
  2. Compile and enter newly acquired data. Quality control checks are to be performed to insure that data within the database matches the spreadsheets provided by project personnel.
  3. Develop query routines that will allow users to extract data of interest from the database. Example queries of representative requests for data retrievals will serve as examples to the users for extracting data from the database.

Task Highlights

New User-Friendly Open-File Reports

Under the Near Surface Models project, the following two widely-used USGS Open-File reports (95-831 and 02-195) were made more user-friendly by adding numerous bookmarks and links to the PDF versions of the reports. The content of the reports was not modified, however the revised PDF versions allow for much easier navigation through these lengthy reports.

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