Crustal Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Center

Isotope and chemical methods for mineral and geoenvironmental assessments

Stable isotope analytical support

Task Objectives

Stable isotope studies are powerful tools in the study of the entire life cycle of ore deposits as a consequence there is considerable demand for stable isotope data and geochemical expertise to support Mineral Resources Program projects.

The objective of this task is to provide direct support for stable isotope analyses and stable isotope geochemical interpretations for scientists in Central and Western Region Mineral Resources Program. Our project provides support when someone needs help with stable isotope data or interpretation.

Statement of Work

The stable isotope laboratory will continue to meet all of the stable isotope geochemistry needs of the Minerals Resources Program, particularily in the Central and Western Regions. In addition it will provide stable isotope geochemistry to scientists in other Geologic Discipline Programs as needed. Analytical support will continue for the new assessment projects.

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