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Imaging Spectroscopy Methods - Spectroscopy Research and Spectral Library

Subtask Objectives

Imaging spectroscopy and supporting spectroscopic analyses in the field and the laboratory offer tools for addressing many science topics relevant to modern society, including many objectives of the Mineral Resources Program and other USGS programs. Imaging spectroscopy is uniquely capable of providing mineralogical and biological data for studies related to assessment, genesis, and life-cycles of ore deposits as well as data critical to addressing environmental issues (mining activity, industrial pollution, etc), ecosystem and land use management. In this Subtask we support integrated studies, improve the USGS spectral library, improve imaging spectroscopy mapping algorithms, and apply those algorithms to scientific studies.

This subtask supports research and development of theory, tools for application, and techniques for interpretation of spectroscopic data. The Subtask serves the Mineral Resources Program by focusing on research and applications which benefit multiple research projects, including topical and site specific studies, thus eliminating duplication of research efforts. The protocols developed here are necessary to evaluate and advance the geological and geochemical utilities of spectroscopy. Theoretical, field and laboratory investigations are integrated to address ore genesis, geological and hazard assessments, and land-use studies.

USGS Spectroscopy Laboratory Site

Contact Information

Roger Clark
Box 25046 MS 964 Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225-0046
Phone: 303-236-1332
Email: Roger Clark

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