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Geochemical Methods

Task Objectives

Many projects within the USGS and the Mineral Resources Program rely on low-temperature geochemistry as an integral part of their study of earth processes. The focus of the Geochemical Methods Task is to develop and test new and emerging scientific hypotheses, methods, and modeling applications, and to conduct fundamental and applied geochemical research for incorporation into project work. Geochemical studies, especially those that are field-instrument or laboratory intensive, require development or modification of methods to accomplish study objectives. This Task provides the opportunity to develop or fine-tune methods to produce the most relevant and accurate data necessary to accomplish study objectives. Work under this Task incorporates developing geochemical and geomicrobiological approaches to understanding chemical, physical, and microbial processes associated with geochemical cycles and metal mobility, and developing state-ofthe- art methods for characterization of important constituents in solid and aqueous systems. These activities allow better process-level understanding of natural systems, and enhance predictive capabilities of the mobility and bioavailability of constituents.

This task has been divided into seven subtasks:

See individual subtasks for specific workplans and products.

Contact Information

Kathleen Smith
Box 25046 MS 964D Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225-0046
Phone: 303-236-5788
Email: Kathleen Smith

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