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Geophysical Research

Task Objectives

Many projects within the USGS use geophysics as a tool for studying buried or concealed geologic features. The availability of modern geophysical instrumentation and data interpretation software is often critical to the success of these projects. However, most projects using geophysics lack the resources to evaluate, purchase, maintain, and provide training for geophysical equipment and software. In addition, the development of any new geophysical technology is a risky, long-term activity, that is well beyond the scope of most individual projects. The Geophysical Research Task provides the geophysical equipment and software tools USGS projects need today, and anticipates and develops new geophysical technologies that the USGS will need within the next five years. Technologies currently supported and under development fall within the general categories of geoelectrical methods, potential-field methods, radar methods, and seismic methods. These methods permit geophysical investigations at a broad range of scales from national and regional scales to local and site characterization scales, and at a range of depths from a few centimeters to tens of kilometers.

The Geophysical Research Task supports the development of new and existing geophysical techniques for addressing critical geological problems. Research conducted under this project includes development of needed geophysical methods and software, development of new geophysical instrumentation, and applications of geophysical techniques to frontier areas of geology.

Supported geophysical methods include potential-field methods (gravity and magnetics), electrical methods (DC resistivity, induced polarization, and self-potential), electromagnetic methods (magnetotellurics (MT), ground penetrating radar (GPR), directional borehole radar, time-domain EM, and frequency-domain EM), shallow seismic methods (reflection, refraction, and surface-to-borehole), and gamma-ray geophysics.

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Jeffrey Phillips
Box 25046 MS 964 Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225-0046
Phone: 303-236-1206
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