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Geophysical Research - Geophysical Instruments

Subtask Objectives

The USGS and its Mineral Resources Program require the development of new geophysical instrumentation, and the maintenance of existing geophysical instrumentation, in order to apply advances in geophysical theory to real geological, hydrological, and cultural problems.

The primary objective of this subtask is the development of new geophysical instrumentation that will lead to improved data resolution or provide other new information about geological, hydrological, or cultural sources of geophysical anomalies. A secondary objective is the maintenance of existing geophysical instrumentation. Geophysical instrumentation development includes experimental instruments such as the integration of wireless GPS and data streams to the GEM EM instrument; the water-borne bird EM system; tomography radar system for an in-house sand tank experiment; a subsurface imaging system investigation being done in collaboration with an outside agency; instrumentation and software upgrade to the CGG petro-physics non-linear electrical soil properties equipment; development of equipment for misse- la- masse measurements; and support for the ALLTEM system hardware and software documentation.

USGS Petrophysics Laboratory

Contact Information

Craig Moulton
Box 25046 MS 964 Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225-0046
Phone: 303-236-1219
Email: Craig Moulton

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