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Coupled Thermal, Mechanical, Chemical, and Hydraulic Phenomena in Ore Formation

Meaningful and reproducible domestic and international mineral-resource assessments as well as interpreting the effects of mineralized and mined ground on the environment require scientific understanding of the processes that localize mineralizing hydrothermal systems and the ores within them and quantitative mineral-deposit models derived from this understanding. We currently do not understand (1) where within geologically permissive terranes mineralizing hydrothermal systems are likely to occur, (2) the geologic conditions and interdependent natural phenomena necessary for the deposition of ore-grade material, (3) how climate and topography affect the ore-forming potential of hydrothermal systems, (4) what conditions are conducive to the formation of "giant" or "world-class" deposits, and (5) what conditions lead to the economic "failure" of a hydrothermal system to form substantial tonnages of highgrade material within it.

Project Chief:

Byron Berger
Box 25046 Denver Federal Center MS 964
Denver, CO 80225
Phone: (303) 236-5533



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