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Using Fluoride/Chloride (F/Cl) Ratios to Evaluate Water Sources and Transport Pathways

Rich Wanty

F/Cl ratios in waters can be used to help evaluate water sources and transport pathways. There are a few factors that govern the F/Cl systematics: 1) fluoride is uncommon in most rocks, but more common in mineral deposits, so it provides a good source term, and 2) fluoride may be reactive, so it can't necessarily be treated as a conservative solute. To further test the utility of using F/Cl ratios, existing literature was compiled and experiments were performed on fluoride adsorption onto common rock-forming minerals, such as quartz, feldspars, and micas. Dissolution of micas also may be a source term in some cases. The hypothesis that the variation in F/Cl ratios in nature exceeds the amount of F attenuation due to water-rock interactions was tested. Once the reactivity of fluoride is better understood, the assumption that F and Cl are conservative can be better tested.


Abstracts, Presentations, and Posters for Professional Technical Meetings

  • Wanty, R.B., Tuttle, M.L., Berger, B.R., Bove, D., and Eppinger, R.G., 2003, Environmental behavior of several unmined porphyry molybdenum and copper deposits in the Western USA [abs.]: 4th European Congress on Regional Geoscientific Cartography and Information Systems, Bologna, Italy, June 16-19, 2003. (Abstract and poster) Available online at [PDF file, 40 KB].
  • Wanty, R.B., and Seal, R.R. II (eds.), 2004, Proceedings of the Eleventh International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction (WRI-11), Saratoga Springs, New York, June 27-July 2, 2004, 1684 p.
  • Wanty, R.B., Ridley, W.I., Wolf, R., Lamothe, P., and Adams, M., 2005, Separation of copper, iron, and zinc from complex aqueous solutions for isotopic measurement: metal sources and processes of acidrock drainage: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 37, No. 7, p. 50. See Wanty GSA abstract.

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Rich Wanty
Box 25046 MS 964D Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225-0046
Phone: (303) 236-1819
Email: rwanty

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