Bokan Mountain Deposit, Alaska
Airborne Geophysics for Rare Earth Element Deposits (AGREED) Project

Bokan Mountain, Alaska Bokan Mountain Deposit, Alaska (Photo by B. Van Gosen, USGS)

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Bokan Mountain, located at the southern end of Prince of Wales Island, southeast Alaska, has been the site of past uranium mining and most recently is the focus for exploration of rare earth elements. Bokan Mountain is a peralkaline granite complex with associated dike vein systems that are enriched in a number of heavy rare earth elements (HREE).

magnetic and gamma-ray data at Bokan MountainMap of equivalent Th (ppm) using data acquired from UCore Rare Metals. (A. McCafferty, 2013)

An airborne geophysical survey, flown by Precision GeoSurveys and provided by UCore Rare Metals (, was recently flown over the Bokan deposit. The survey collected high resolution magnetic and gamma-ray spectrometry data along flight lines spaced 100-m apart. Bokan Mountain objectives are to:

  • develop an understanding of the magnetic and radioelement properties of rare earth ore and ore hosts;
  • analyze the relation between the rare earth element mineralogy and geophysical properties; and
  • develop a regional geophysical characterization of peralkaline intrusion and possible geologic controls on mineralization.


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McCafferty, A.E., Stoeser, D.B., Van Gosen, B.S., 2013, Geophysical characterization and related mineralogy of the Bokan Mountain rare earth deposits, southeast Alaska: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Program, 45(7), p. 276. Available at

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