Bear Lodge Deposit, Wyoming
Airborne Geophysics for Rare Earth Element Deposits (AGREED) Project

Bear Lodge Deposit, Wyoming Photo of Bull Hill, location of the Bear Lodge Deposit, Wyoming. Photo by B. Van Gosen, USGS.

Contact: David V. Smith, Email:

An airborne geophysical survey, provided by Rare Element Resources (, was recently flown over the Bear Lodge carbonatite deposit. The survey collected high resolution magnetic and gamma-ray spectrometry data along flight lines spaced 100-m apart. The map below shows the magnetic anomaly field over the Bear Lodge igneous complex, which hosts the rare earth–bearing carbonatite dikes within the Bull Hill area.

magnetic and gamma-ray data at Bear LodgeMagnetic data from Bear Lodge airborne geophysical survey. Map generated by USGS using data acquired from RER. View image at full size.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • develop an understanding of the magnetic and radioelement properties of rare earth ore and ore hosts at Bear Lodge;
  • analyze the relation between the rare earth element mineralogy and geophysical properties; and
  • develop a regional geophysical characterization of alkaline intrusion, carbonatitic dikes and possible geologic controls on mineralization.


Smith, D.V., 2013, What do geophysical investigations of the Bear Lodge, Wyoming, rare earth element deposit reveal?: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Program, 45 (7), p. 277. Available at

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