PRELIMINARY - U.S. Geological Survey Certificate of Analysis

Basalt, Hawaiian Volcanic Observatory, BHVO-2

Material used in the preparation of BHVO-2 was taken from the surface layer of the pahoehoe lava that overflowed from the Halemaumau crater in the fall of 1919. This is the same location used to provide material for BHVO-1. Collection of BHVO-2 was accomplished in 1995 under the direction of Carl Thornberg, USGS. Details of the collection, preparation, and testing are available (Wilson, S.A., 1998).

Element concentrations were determined in a round robin study involving 20 international laboratories. Recommended values are listed when analytical results provided by three independent laboratories using a minimum of three independent analytical procedures are in statistical agreement. Information values with standard deviations are listed when at least two independent laboratories using two independent analytical procedures have provided information. Information values without standard deviations represent information from a single laboratory or analytical procedure.

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Element Wt % ± Oxide Wt % ±
Al 7.16 0.08 Al2O3 13.5 0.2
Ca 8.17 0.12 CaO 11.4 0.2
Fetot 8.63 0.14 Fe2O3tot 12.3 0.2
K 0.43 0.01 K2O 0.52 0.01
Mg 4.36 0.07 MgO 7.23 0.12
Na 1.64 0.06 Na2O 2.22 0.08
P 0.12 0.01 P2O5 0.27 0.02
Si 23.3 0.3 SiO2 49.9 0.6
Ti 1.63 0.2 TiO2 2.73 0.04
Element µg/g ± Element µg/g ±
Ba 130 13 Nd 25.0 1.8
Ce 38 2 Ni 119 7
Co 45 3 Rb 9.8 1.0
Cr 280 19 Sc 32 1
Cu 127 7 Sr 389 23
Ga 21.7 0.9 V 317 11
Hf 4.1 0.3 Y 26 2
La 15 1 Zn 103 6
Mn 1290 40 Zr 172 11

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Information Values

Element µg/g ± Element µg/g ±
F 370   Sm 6.2 0.4
Gd 6.3 0.2 Sn 1.9  
Ho 1.04 0.04 Ta 1.4  
Li 5   Tb 0.9  
Lu 0.28 0.01 Th 1.2 0.3
Nb 18 2 Yb 2.0 0.2

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Certificate Information

Issued 4-30-98
Denver, Colorado

Dr. Geoff Plumlee
U.S. Geological Survey
Central Region Mineral Resources Team

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Wilson, S.A., 1997, Data compilation for USGS reference material BHVO-2, Hawaiian Basalt: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report xxxxx.

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Symbol Definition
Wt % Percent of total element concentration
µg/g Total element concentration expressed as micrograms of element per gram of solid sample
± One standard deviation

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