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Office of the Science Center Director

Science Center Director (Acting)

Warren Day
Phone: 303-236-1800

Branch Chief - Science Operations

Michael Powers
Phone: 303-236-1349

Administrative Officer (Acting)

Jennifer George
Phone: 303-236-5451

Outreach Contact

Maria Montour
Phone: 303-236-2787


USGS Crustal Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Center
Denver Federal Center
Box 25046, MS 964
Denver, CO 80225-0046

Denver Federal Center gate sign
We are located on the Denver Federal Center.


Staff Directory

Science Center Staff Directory
First Name Last Name Phone E-mail Title
Monique Adams 303-236-2402 Physical Scientist
Eric Anderson 303-236-5652 Geologist
Lyndsay Ball 303-236-0133 Geophysicist
Paul Bedrosian 303-236-4834 Research Geophysicist
Benjamin Bloss 303-236-1858 Geophysicist
Robert Bracken 303-236-1207 Geophysicist
George Breit 303-236-4951 Volunteer
Philip Brown II 303-236-1310 Geophysicist
Bethany Burton 303-236-1327 Geophysicist
Jonathan Caine 303-236-1822 Research Geologist
Kate Campbell 303-541-3035 Research Chemist
Thomas Casadevall 303-236-5648 Scientist Emeritus
Thomas Chapin 303-236-5795 Research Chemist
Brandon Chase 303-236-1830 Student
LaDonna Choate 303-236-1241 Research Chemist
Roger Clark 303-236-1332 Volunteer
Maria Deszcz-Pan 303-236-1317 Research Geophysicist
Benjamin Drenth 303-236-1827 Research Geophysicist
Karl Ellefsen 303-236-7032 Geophysicist
Matthew Emmons 303-236-69259 Physical Scientist
Juliana Fahy 303-236-3150 Volunteer
Carol Finn 303-236-1345 Research Geophysicist
Martin Goldhaber 303-236-1521 Research Chemist
Margaret Goldman 303-236-1727 Geographer
V.J. (Tien) Grauch 303-236-1393 Research Geophysicist
Cayce Gulbransen 303-236-4722 Geologist
Philip Hageman 303-236-2494 Research Physical Scientist
Todd Hinkley 303-236-1247 Scientist Emeritus
Todd Hoefen 303-236-2456 Geophysicist
JoAnn Holloway 303-236-2449 Research Physical Scientist
Andrew Hunt 303-236-4931 Research Geologist
Stephanie James 303-236-1405 Volunteer
Craig Johnson 303-236-7935 Research Geologist
Michaela Johnson 303-236-2464 Physical Scientist
Tyler Kane 303-541-3097 Geologist
Raymond Kokaly 303-236-1359 Research Geophysicist
Kiara Lech 303-236-3761 Research Geologist
K. Eric Livo 303-236-1388 Research Geologist
Anne McCafferty 303-236-1397 Research Geophysicist
Ben Mcgee 303-236-1403 Physical Science Technician
Christopher Mills 303-236-5529 Research Chemist
Burke Minsley 303-236-5718 Research Geoophysicist
Suzette Morman 303-236-1205 Research Physical Scientist
Jean Morrison 303-236-6366 Research Geologist
Richard Moscati 303-236-0023 Geologist
Craig Moulton 303-236-1219 Electronics Engineer
Michael Pace 303-236-944 Student
Jeffrey Phillips 303-236-1206 Scientist Emeritus
Michael Powers 303-236-1349 Branch Chief - Science Operations / Research Geophysicist
James Reitman 303-236-1300 Chemist
Brian Rodriguez 303-236-1361 Research Geophysicist
Danny Rutherford 303-236-0546 Chemist
Robert Rye 303-236-7907 Scientist Emeritus
Anjana (Anji) Shah 303-236-1218 Research Geophysicist
Bruce Smith 303-236-1399 Scientist Emeritus
David V. Smith 303-236-1228 Research Geophysicist
Kathleen (Kathy) Smith 303-236-5788 Scientist Emeritus
Gregg Swayze 303-236-0925 Research Geophysicist
Drew Thayer 303-236-7790
Richard Wanty 303-236-1819 Research Chemist
Michael Webring 303-236-1392 Scientist Emeritus
Stephen Wilson 303-236-2454 Research Chemist
Katrina Zamudio 303-236-1705 Student Contractor